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Facility Services

TKS provides the highest caliber of services for government and commercial entities nationwide.

Operation & Maintenance

TKS specializes in facility operation and maintenance. Our staff of certified engineers will help you manage preventative maintenance to keep your building running efficiently. We can provide a full range of installation or repairs to chillers, boiler plants and HVAC systems. We can help you optimize the value from your preventive maintenance plan with our computerized maintenance management system that delivers building system alerts, service calls, and capture building equipment inventories.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Facility Engineering
  • Logistics Services
  • Base Operations and Support
  • Energy Management Systems

A clean building reflects on your corporation, presenting an image of a stable, first-class organization. Employees working in a well-maintained and clean facility show increased productivity and suffer fewer work-related injuries. Even sick days can be decreased through a clean workplace.

TK Services offers a variety of janitorial services, customized to each client's needs. Our Janitorial Services keep the interior and exterior of your building neat and clean. From basic cleaning, such as vacuuming and restroom care, to advanced floor services, to specialized Data Center Cleaning, TKS can keep all aspects of your facility in top condition.

Our janitorial services have been used by many established organizations, such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of the Treasury, the Korean Embassy, and the Northern Virginia Community College at Annandale. These clients and many more have experience the quality and service of TK Services' janitorial capabilities.

In addition, TKS extends its services outdoors with a full range of landscaping and parking lot maintenance options, including lawn care, tree care, garden maintenance, and snow removal to help your building look its best.

Services include:

  • Basic Cleaning: Vacuum, Dust, Mop, Restrooms, Trash removal
  • Floor Services: Floor polishing, Waxing, Stripping
  • High Area Cleaning: Chaneliers, Ledges, Beams
  • Windows and Glass: Inside and outside window and glass washing
  • Brass and Chrome: Polish and treat
  • Waste Management: Waste removal and recycling

TK Services provides a wide variety of general contracting services with a single goal - providing a cost-efficient service to the consumer while engaging in environmentally friendly practices. We are committed to implementing practical, sustainable construction methods in every project.

Since our establishment in 1999, we have committed ourselves to cutting costs by efficient use of energy. When working with new construction, we first identify sound operation practices concerning energy conservation, then work with our clients to implement those practices. Our extensive operating experience has enabled us to understand the impact on energy consumption and costs.

We pride ourselves on completing LEED-quality work on all our construction jobs. Our basic design philosophy is to create ecologically friendly, energy-conscious building that enhance, not detract from, the local landscape. To this end we use recycled materials that meet government standards, engage in detailed planning of buildings and work with our clients to implement practical and sound operating procedures.

  • Project Management
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • LEED Construction and Renovation

At TK Services we are proud to offer our expertise to you. With over 100 years of combined experience in the building management field, our senior staff is intimately involved in improving your facilities. To help you make the best, most cost-efficient decisions for your company, TKS offers a variety of consulting services.

We can make your facility a healthier, more efficient place to work. With our commitment to providing green cleaning solutions, we will provide environmentally friendly services in our day-to-day work. Our LEED commissioning service can help your building become certified with the United States Green Building Council, offering financial benefits such as decreased operation costs and potential tax benefits.

Through our Project Management planning, we can help you devise and implement project plans that stay on scope, on time and on budget. Our Business Development consulting can help you strategize ways to improve your customer service, expand your client base and transform your company into a stable, successful, growing operation.

  • Green Services
  • LEED Services
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning
  • Business Development
  • Union Negotiations

TK Services offers a wide variety of logistic services to meet your building's needs. Being environmentally conscious is our primary goal at TKS, and we strive to help our clients realize this in their buildings as well.

Being a 'green' company is more than just a line we give clients - it's our underlying philosophy in everything we do. We offer support in setting up and executing recycling programs for your building and use ecologically friendly equipment and materials in out construction work. Our custom plastic fabrication and metalwork are designed to meet client needs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

  • Recycling
  • Plastics Fabrication
  • Materials Supply
  • Metal Decorations & Furnishings

These days, there is more to janitorial and maintenance work than simply pushing a mop or tightening a few screws. Larger facilities and more complicated equipment pose a management challenge when trying to schedule the most efficient service. TK Services recognizes the problems faced by modern facility managers and have programs to help you stay on top of the work.

Our proprietary software will help you manage and schedule every aspect of your facility management. From personnel to quality control to asset management, we have the software you need to reduce cost and save time. Don't put up with the hassle of misplaced work orders, miscommunication and redundancy - let TK Services show you how to use technology to solve your problems and reduce your management stress.